sidewalk art


Fresh roses, rue des Archives, Paris, after the March snowstorm

IMG_0585Ile Saint-Louis church poster on wooden poster board

IMG_0504Grand creme, late afternoon lunch, at the ever venerable Les Deux Magots (1884).

IMG_0593The passing of time, church foundation wall, Ile Saint-Louis.

IMG_0856Spice and pepper stall, open-air spring market, Aix-en-Provence

IMG_0843Lemons fresh from Spain at Aix market.

  1. Hi Lisa: Since it is still cool and some snow left here in Peterborough, all I can say is I’m jealous. So exciting for you and I look forward to future posts regarding art and architecture in Paris.
    Best regards,

  2. Sudeep said:

    I enjoy looking at your photos immensely. Which camera do you use?

    • Iphone 4S ! I gave up big fancy cameras a few years ago 🙂

      • Sudeep said:

        Haha. I hear you. I’m fond of my big fancy dslr, but ever since I got my iphone 4 I find myself shooting with it more and more. It’s always in my pocket and shooting and sharing has become phenomenally simple.

  3. Barry Irl Ditto said:

    Gorgeous colours. The lemons are sinfully sensual.

    Barry D.

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