friendship binds cities (Aristotle)

IMG_4377friendships are the glue to cities, and this doesn’t just mean intensification and destiny.  city sidewalks are long, linear stages for conversation.
IMG_4382so are outdoor dining rooms
and breakfast places that become bars at night
or art exhibitions to navigate
cities are where friendship finds alchemy in colour and light
Folk Art Facade 3, Image By Giles Ashfordwhere there also causes to defend.  Here, the sculpted white-bronze facade of the American Folk Museum, slated for demolition by its hungry neighbour, the Museum of Modern Art, NYC.
  1. Hi Lisa: as always great topic and examples! I’ve heard many strong arguments on both sides of the museum issue. In addition a number of design solutions to save the structure are coming to the surface i.e., envelope. Often friendships strengthen between neighbours when they are willing to compromise in order to achieve desired results.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi there Thank you for this, we would have loved It, and joined you, but we are out of town. Hope you enjoyed it.. Also thank you for the whale saving video It was extraordinary! Love Adele

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