From 2000-2013, I was the architecture critic and City Space columnist for The Globe and Mail.  Now I’ve been appointed a senior fellow at University of Toronto’s Global Cities Institute.  A mom, wife, daughter and sister.  A community leader, artist and writer (between loads of laundry.) I believe in love and sharing.  And that beauty can help heal the world.  Latest joy:  writing my historic novel during a ten-month sabbatical while living in a villa overlooking the rice paddies of Ubud, Bali.  My youngest son was attending the Green School, a bamboo cathedral set in the Balinese jungle.

  1. Lisa,
    Wonderful start. Pictures of Paris make me ache. One practical suggestion – can you ask your programmer to implement an email subscribe feature so that subscribers can be notified when you post. Easy to do, really useful.

    Thanks for the fish…


    • Thanks, Andy. That subscribe feature now in place. Happy fishing. Lisa

  2. Johannah Bernstein said:

    You are a true poet and artist I miss you all and send great big hugs

  3. Joan Faulk said:

    Briliant! Love the visual feast and your philosophy; beauty indeed can heal the world. Thank you for this important site that I’ll be following.

  4. Joseph Patrick Bonnici said:

    Beautifully curated in every way. And your unique Canadian perspectIve on design is refreshing to say the least.

  5. You are obviously so much more than an architecture critic. I follow residential design & architecture fervently and was just looking for your chasing he blog when I read “about me” and felt compelled to leave a message. “Thank you. “

  6. Wright In Hollywood
    Visions of a New Architecture

    Robert L. Sweeney

    Hi Lisa, Yes! It is about the concrete block house built for Alice Parsons Millard. I wonder where is it made available in a review by you?

    Signed here,
    James Parsons Dalglish

  7. I just love what you do. Very inspiring & interesting.
    Thank you!

  8. Do you have a catalog of your own designs or furnishings? I would love to purchase some of these items if available in Canada. Thanks. Liz (Rochon) Levesque

    • Thanks for your interest and optimism! I’d like to put my onxy light design into production. Stay tuned! All best, Lisa.

  9. Maggi Redmonds said:

    Hi Lisa.
    Your columns are great! Because of this, I’m trying to reach you with a request to be a speaker. Sent an e-mail to your G&M address, but worry that it won’t actually get to you in a timely fashion. Is there any place else I might send it?

    • Hope you got my email saying yes, I can help. – Lisa

  10. Dave Ross said:

    I’ve just found your blog and am pushed into thought by some of the images. Excellent and I wish there were more of these thoughtful postings in other places on the web. (A little suggestion for your webmaster: can the comments be put reverse chronological order so they’re easier to check?)

  11. Andrew Stewart said:

    Lisa, great article on Frank Gehry – – I agree with your comment about how Toronto’s skyline has become as monotonous as the sprawling suburbs. We’ve become victims of marketing. I love your pictures from around the world here. The cube in Winnipeg is beautiful and fantastic. Such a relief to see an exterior that is not all glass.

  12. Hi Lisa…wow, blast from the past…its me Jane McMullan, now Sara Morison (!)…loved your G&M article today about Mumbai…I’m an artist now, left my psychology for painting. When you get a chance maybe you could see my site/blog…you might enjoy!

    Just a note about our blog…it’s a bit tough to read the white font and i can’t make out the blue tags etc…and I even have my reading glasses on 🙂

    Anyway, hope you are well and happy…take care, Sara xo and

    • Great to hear from you, Sara Jane! The West Coast obviously suits you – your paintings look strong and vibrant. Life here is full of adventure and rich family times. Thanks for being in touch. Best, Lisa

  13. Ninan said:

    Great article re: Mumbai. How was the the AirBnb rooms in Delhi & other Indian cities? Would u recommend the places you stayed if so can you please email the links? Also how did you go from Delhi to Agra?

    • Wonderful apartment in Delhi, could highly recommend especially for the unique historic-urban chic combo of Hauz Khas. Our wonderful Air Bnb host, Nalin, organized a driver to take us to Agra.
      Here’s the link:

  14. J Penn said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article in the G+M this week. Thank you for profiling the future. We are too stuck in the future. You were wise to choose to profile promising architecture students. Good for everyone.

  15. I always enjoy your perceptive Globe articles and this week’s column on the urban likes of the millennials really struck home – although as an ancient boomer I have to say that your sentiments also apply to me and a good number of my friends. I grew up in London, England and have always loved city life and hated the suburban ‘dream’, particularly as practised in North America. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to live in a massive home, divided from its neighbours by vast tracts of perfect lawn, with no sidewalks and a dearth of public transit. I rail (mostly impotently) against the pedestrian-unfriendly environment that continues to dominate where I live; once a small town, now a rapidly growing suburb, complete with endless tracts of housing unrelieved by shops, pubs, cafes and street life. The only way to get from A to B is by car unless, like me, you are fortunate enough to live in the old town, a brief walk from the GO station. I love your site and was delighted to see photos of the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the mouth-watering breakfast in Istanbul, variations of which we tasted often during our unforgettable trip to Turkey in 2010.

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