For a quiet retreat, without having to drive north, there’s always the canadiana fireside room…a round cedar table with rough hewn legs, likely from the 1950s and retrieved from our first family cottage on Georgian Bay; and this vintage lamp with lake louise mountainscape and classic log house, which always makes me smile.

the stitchwork of the lamp reminds me of the quilt hand stitched by Mona Brown that we found in the tiny fishing outport of Joe Batt’s Arm on Fogo Island, Newfoundland – that’s a seven hour drive north-east of St. John’s and a ferry ride back through time. Mona is one of 39 women who belong to the Fogo Island association of quiltmakers.

kaitlyn cavorting in pink in the canadiana room…

  1. Eva Hergovich said:

    Simply amazing! I love all the designs that you have captured. it’s an absolute pleasure to follow your blog. Thank you.
    Eva Hergovich

  2. Lisa,
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