the joy of mid-century modernism

ztjacob6Students at Canada’s Trent University, a masterwork of 1960s modernism, lounging on Swan chairs by the great Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen.   Did they know how cool they were?

Screen shot 2013-05-25 at 10.09.46 AM

An archival photo of one of the Trent lounges, graced by Jacobsen Swan chairs around an Eero Saarinen table. Built-in furniture and modular wood chandelier by Canadian great, Ron Thom.

img_4134As my homage to the vast collection of mid-century furniture that once flourished then disappeared at Trent, here’s a tribute with some of the chairs I’ve been collecting for a while, and the joy that they bring.


  1. Hi Lisa: Thank you for this. I’ve been hanging out here in their yoga studios since arriving from Thunder Bay 2 years ago. Did you attend classes there? Remarkable history in terms of design and architecture. You certainly have peaked my curiosity to explore the facility much more. I hope you can do a review of their new award winning design by Perkins and Will of the Athletic and Sports Centre. Masterful use of copper in connecting with existing facility.

  2. Barry Irl Ditto said:

    What a shame that the original chairs at Trent are no longer there; as they are certainly best appreciated “in SITu” , as it were.

    Is the furniture in Massey College original?

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