musical (mid-century) chairs

I’ve been collecting mid-century modern chairs for about a decade…leather butterfly chairs, Harry Bertoia’s Diamond Chair, Danish teak, Canadian Solair chairs, Le Corbusier’s chaise longue, the Eiffel chair by Charles Eames and plenty of molded plywood chairs found in trashed condition on sidewalks.


 For Mother’s Day, the kids and friends hauled some of the chairs outside to get some much deserved sunshine.

And to let loose with a game of musical chairs.

For the music, I was singing a random song, loudly.

The competition was fierce.  The chairs disappeared.

In the end, it was a battle between the Solair chair (1972) and the Diamond (1958).

The Diamond won.  So did the dazzling joy of the day.

  1. What a perfect way to use much loved chairs. Brilliant photos. I can hear your song in the flow of the girls’ hair. g

  2. susan gibson said:

    Thanks for the chair joy….I love function and beauty. I
    provide a welcome home for any needy mid-century
    chairs. susan in almonte

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