valentine, valentime

Gestures of love take time to imagine and create. So, to honour the time that it takes to create beauty, I’m renaming Valentine’s as Valentime’s.  Like this table made one summer at the cottage by my son, Alexander.  Every stick was selected from the North Kawartha forest, measured for scale and texture, then cut to size and secured with tiny, delicate dowels. Not a single nail was used.  Rustic and honest, it seemed the perfect plinth for the Venus de Milo-style dark chocolate and golden goddess (made around the corner by the chocolatier Sharon Shoot),  presented by my romantic man this morning as part of our 24 hour Valentime’s.

My version of Valentime’s means not only honouring each other, but spending time looking up and being amazed by all that grows beautiful on this planet of ours.  Stake your claim to love.  Make your mark on the Canada Kiss Map.  Happy Valentime’s!!


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